Tombstones in Ljubuški

Around Ljubuški,on 7 necropolis,214 tombstones are registered of which 88 panels,78 chests,1 chest with plinth,9 sarcophagi and 48 panels and chests that are not described separately.

From 176 tombstones that are described,half of them are panels,half are chests while sarcophagi are represented in small numbers but they are artistically decorated better than others.From 176 samples,there are 81 decorated ones of which 33 with the symbol of the cross which was particularly evident in Gornji Studenci.Decorative motifs of Ljubuški region on necropolis with tombstones are as follows: motif of a shield with a sword,symbol of an oyster,human figures with an ornament,twisted rope and strips,half-moon,rosettes,trefoil tendrils,wheel,spiral,depictions of a lion,symbol of falcons and tournament.In this area many sculpture workshops as carriers of various influences were active.It's not the same workshop of an artisans who bulit monuments on necropolis in Gornji Studenci and those who worked on necropolis ''Gračine'' in Bijača,Zvirići and Pržine.Majority of monuments belong to XIV and XV century,but some examples could occur much earlier,perhaps even in XII century