Herceg Stjepan tower

In the Middle Age up above Ljubuški, on the top Buturovica, a tower was built and is ascribed to Herceg Stjepan, even it's older than him, and in written sources Ljubuški is first mentioned on February 22, 1444 under the name of Lubussa.

Shortly before 1447., the city fell to the Turks and became frontier tower with a strong crew. The Turks reinforced the tower into the war dwellings with all supporting facilities. After 1835. the tower in Ljubuški lost its defense and strategic role.
This tower had a granary, water reservoir, prison, commander's house and settlements for the military garrison. In the 17th century, the masters from Dubrovnik repaired the town. At the begining of the 19th century the town lost its military importance and soon began to decay. Today the tower represents one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area of Ljubuški municipality and the entire Herzegovina.

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