Romantic marriage proposal on the Kravica waterfall

Blair Mcallister and Nikolina Blažević are the young couple who met in Australia quite accidentally one night when Nikolin's car broke down, where Blair helped repair.

Since almost all relashionships begin with a random encounter, that is, how all media and stories talk about love at first glance, so they went too.

This is another happy story that looks like a Hollywood movie shot on two continents. After five years of successful connections, they decided to travel to Europe, but Nikolina did not even blush for the Blair direction all the time.

Since Nikolinina Mom of Hercegovina, they decided to spend this summer with her family in Herzegovina.

As Blair says, "For my visit I chose Waterfall Kravica because it is a beautiful spot near Nikolina's grandmother's home, where Nikina's mother spent her childhood. I had the opportunity to meet Nikina's grandmother who gave me a blessing for our relationship. The day I asked Nikola on July 28, 2017, I asked before her father who answered 'yes, I would be very happy' ... When we travel, I always take pictures and videos so Nikolina could not know what I was planning. Nikolina is the love of my life and I am very grateful to God for choosing us. "
We want a lot of happiness in your life together.