Kravica more improved and appealing

In Kravica, nothing is the same as before. We can rightly say - everything has changed, writes Vecernji List BiH. We think that this precious jewel of Ljubljana and Herzegovinian looked five or six years ago, how many visitors it was, how it came from and entered, what the rules were, who cared about it ...

The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has invested several hundred thousand marks and in cooperation with the Municipality of Ljubuški was working on the Kravica complex: a large parking lot for cars and buses was built, a lookout from the viewpoint of the waterfall and Trebižat , There is a ramp, a built stone walkway, a paved part of the access road, a sanitary node, a renovated three old mills ... However, there is still a lot to do to achieve the complete planning planned by the Spatial Plan of the Ljubuski Municipality for the period 2015 - 2025, where four protection zones are foreseen.

But apart from this important part that implies enduring protection without which Kravica eventually devastated and gradually collapsed and destroyed, an important step was made in the management part. Kravica is entrusted with the management of JP Parks Ljubuški, who care about her through her special Business Unit Kravica. This is where the rules and behaviors are established, and the local community has a significant benefit. In the summer season 2013, the municipal decision on collection, organization and manner of parking, visiting visitors and the use of sanitary nodes at the tourist area of ​​the "extraordinary natural rarities" Kravica began by the employees of the newly founded JP Parks d.o.o. Ljubuski. According to the work report for 2015, JP Parks, on the basis of the issued tickets, visited Kravica 127,165 tourists last year. BAM 543,623 was collected from the tickets for visitors and the parking charge for cars, buses and other vehicles, bearing in mind that parking was only charged for half a year. Out of this revenue is 464,635 KM, and 78,988 KM is the VAT amount. To this should also be added 3581 KM of rental income from the ethno house on the lookout. Of the total revenue JP Parks go 70 percent, and the Municipality of Ljubuški 30 percent. Based on that, JP Parks paid 139,390 KM into the municipal budget.

But the leadership and employees of JP Parks not only spent money on Kravica but also invested. In the past year, 84,161 KM was invested: for the extension of the parking lot, installation of two surveillance cameras, extension and coloring of the entire fence, setting of handrails to the waterfall and road plastering, setting up four benches and more waste points, purchasing toll booths and placing advertisements and promotional material.