Koćuša waterfall

Koćuša waterfall is situated in Veljaci village in Ljubuški municipality, and it's one of the most beautiful nature pearls of this part of Herzegovina. Attractiveness of this waterfall and nearby landscapes will not leave you indifferent. The height of the waterfall is 5 m and the length is 50 m, and close to it there are mills and stoods which adorned this place for years.

Koćuša waterfall is situated on a river Mlade which down below from the waterfall changes its name into Trebižat. Natural resource of this landscape are also sedimentary rocks that accumulated for years, so called ''tuff'' or calcareous sediment which makes this natural oasis even more attractive. On extremely high Herzegovinian temperatures, waterfall Koćuša can be ideal place for a rest and pleasant atmosphere. Beside waterfall, numerous visitors can be thrilled with ambundant wildlife of this untouched nature.